Health Tests for pugs

We are passionate about the health and welfare of the pugs we are breeding. When breeding pugs we carry out the following health tests. These results are available to view when viewing puppies.

  • PDE testing - We only breed pugs that have tested CLEAR
  • Hemivertebra x-ray - We only breed pugs which perfect or near perfect hemivertebra.
  • Patella testing - We only breed pugs which test 0/0
  • Boas testing - We only use pugs who have been BOAS tested, however repeat testing can give different results due to environmental changes, we aim to test in the same conditions each time.

Puppies do not require health tests prior to leaving as they are too young and not fully grown to undergo the health tests.

We do however have all puppies checked by our local vet,  all puppies leave with a minimum of one certificate of good health signed by our vets. Any concerns are discussed with the buyer and outlined in the schedule in the puppy sales contract.

Although we health test all our pugs which are used for breeding, we ensure that all puppies are seen by a vet before they leave us, all puppies leave vaccinated and wormed from 2 weeks of age, we cannot ever guarantee a perfect puppy as some conditions go back multiple generations and some conditions arise years down the line.  But health testing gives us a higher probability of breeding near perfect puppies.