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Hello and welcome to my page Moonathena Puppies.

If you'r looking for smooth coat Chihuahua puppies, long coat Chihuahua puppies and Pug puppies for sale and you live in Essex, you have come to the right place.

At home in Burnham On Crouch, Essex, we are just your regular family home with a huge love for Chihuahuas and Pugs. We are home breeders and all our dogs and are our family pets. Our breeding is all done from within our home, we don't have outside kennels or outbuildings and everyone is all under one roof. We take our breeding very seriously, we are here to breed for the better of the breed and not for cost, we have completed microchipping, fertility, ultrasound and first aid courses and continue to strive for more knowledge, learning is endless even if your an expert. There is a lot more to breeding than putting two dogs together for a quick buck.  

Our Chihuahua journey started in 2014 and our pug journey in 2016. We don't breed any other breeds nor do we intend to. Chihuahuas and Pugs  are our breeds we love and specialise in. We are always striving for perfection within these breeds and even after 10 years of breeding I still have high standards to have even better over the next 10 years.

Im currently finding a lot of breeders, usually the ones with no licence, jump from breed to breed, breeding whatever is making money, selling well and what's on current trend. For example the poor French Bulldog, hugely!! over bread, the breed is virtually ruined, none licensed breeders have finally given up and the rescues are full with poor and unwell examples of the breed. Every week I am getting these breeders and others wanting to start breeding Chihuahuas, not because they love the breed but because their current breed is ruined, or not making as much money as they was and its time to jump ship and sell the next best thing. When looking for new family addition, ask breeders how long they have been breeding Chihuahuas, pick their brain about health issues, what family trees do they have, are they even licensed? 

Moonathena Puppies is proudly fully inspected and licensed by Maldon County Council to breed Pugs and Chihuahuas. We breed for the love of the breed, to better the breed and to give families a good experience when buying a puppy.

When you leave with a Moonathena Puppy it is more than just a money transaction. To start life newborns sleep in our bedroom, often in incubators with their mum down the side of our bed, mums are able to hop in and out and sleep with us at night. When they are walking they go downstairs to the Chihuahua/puppy room. We do so much socialisation with our babies and it's always such a pleasure to have such amazing feedback on how happy the puppies are when they leave.

Each puppy comes that leaves,  is vaccinated with a minimum of the first set of vaccinations, and leaves with a certificate of good health, signed by our local vet, we worm from week two onwards, each puppy leaves with a minimum of 5 weeks free Kennel Club Insurance, Kennel Club paperwork for KC puppies, all puppies are microchipped prior to leaving which is a legal requirement, a minimum of 3kg of puppy food to get you started, a custom bag with goodies and most importantly my information packs, these are individual to the breed with breed specific information and everything you need to get you started, I'm very proud of these,  I often update them with new knowledge and Information, its exciting getting a new puppy and sometimes all that verbal information goes out our head with the excitement, so on collection day all key dates and facts are made up within these packs for you to read at home.



Your Local Breeder, Burnham-on-Crouch Essex

Here at Moonathena puppies we as a family specialise in breeding smooth coat Chihuahuas, long coat Chihuahuas and pugs. We are  based in the South East of England in Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex. People come to Moonathena puppies for Chihuahuas and Pugs from throughout Essex, and all across the UK. 

All our puppies are fully health checked prior to leaving and leave with a certificate of good health signed by our local vet for your reassurance. If you are looking for Chihuahua and Pug puppies for sale in Essex, Moonathena is here to help. No expense is spared for our babies, it's about breeding happy puppies, healthy puppies, and well socialised puppies, with life time support we are always here.



Welcome to the house of Moonathena

We are a family home hobby breeder, all our dogs are our pets and live within our family home. Our newly built dog rooms is our sleeping quarters for our girls and boys. We don't have any sleeping outdoor facilities and everything is within our family home. We have put a lot of thought into our rooms for our dog family, they have a top of the range air con and heating unit, zero grout for optimal easy cleaning, a TV and Amazon alexa for when we are out, black out blinds from the sun, all our lights are on dimmers,  and my favourite part, our home made island, not just a storage table, but great for sorting out puppy packs, sitting doing paperwork while watching a movie with the pack, its an added groom table and ideal for preparing food. 



Welcome to our garden

During the summer months, we can spend up to 12 hours a day enjoying our beautiful gardens, our dogs have freedom to come inside and out of our home, and can come relax with the air con on, on hot days, we provide a range of indoor and outdoor toys, play tents, tunnels, garden loungers, shade from the sun, garden cabins and the most favourite summer activity, pools! (adored mostly by our girl Ruby who's a real water dog) Although we are gifted to have such a lovely home and gardens for our dogs, we still take our dogs out, all are capable of walking on leads, off leads in open areas and have good recall. We love dog events too! we often go to the The Pug Cafe get togethers, we have a local dog cafe in the village and we often take dogs to Bradwell-On-Sea to burn energy.


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How Moonathena Puppies began

My passion for dogs became my dream hobby and it all started with Bernie and Belle back in 2014.

I felt that the puppy industry was lacking love, quality, service and so much more. When I purchased my first chihuahuas, specifilaly my male, I received no official receipts, no breed specific information like what a reverse sneeze is, how to care for those little legs and tiny teeth, or that my dog only had one testical down and what this meant, the fact he had a broken tail at the base, which would have been very clear as a breeder but not me as a first time Chihuahua owner, everything was done cash only and a shut door service. 

The puppy industry in the UK is failing and missing so much for these precious babies, this is why I started to hobby breed myself. I knew that if I was to breed, I could do so much better for the breed and not have someone go through what we did. I am now proud to be able to sell my own Chihuahua and Pug puppies here in our family home in Burnham on Crouch Essex.

Where did the name Moonathena come from?

My first girl was a sable smooth coat chihuahua called Belle. We always called her our little queen or goddess. Her original kennel club name was Moona Theodora Rose. Joining Moona along with the greek god Athena we made Moonathena. Belle (pictured) is still going strong! 10 years later and living just 2 minutes down the road with my mum.




Why Moonathena puppies?

 All our puppies are brought up in our family home with children making a fuss and lots of dog interactions
 We pride ourselves on well socialised puppies and filling your brain with breed knowledge
We have puppies mum, dad and other family members to view with the puppies
You'll leave with a minimum of 5 week free pet Kennel Club insurance
All puppies are wormed at week 2, 4, 6 and 8
 All puppies leave vaccinated and with a certificate of good health
All puppies leave microchipped in your name, we will let you know your log in details and which database they are on
You'll receive breed specific information packs and lots of useful information to read
 Everyone gets a personalised tote bag with your puppies name?
You'll receive a minimum of 3kg of puppy food to get you started
Free puppy day care up to 24weeks! just in case you have a holiday booked, we have you covered
 All the goodies you need to get started like a bed, toys, blanket, treats and more 





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You can find Chihuahua and Pug puppies for sale in Essex, right here at Moonathena Puppies

Maldon District Council 23.00016.AWALAIA

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