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Finding the right puppy for you

Finding the right breed and puppy for your family is important and you shouldn't be getting a dog out of boredom or as a spontaneous gift. 

We breed two breeds within our home, pugs, smooth coat chihuahuas and long coat chihuahuas.

There is never pressure to purchase a puppy, and I welcome potential owners to stay as long as they wish when viewing, we welcome families and young children too.

We have a open door policy, if you place a deposit on a puppy, your welcome to re visit as often as you like, providing we are home, you are always welcome to come see your puppies progress.

Assuring our buyers, we welcome our visitors to see our home, see where our puppies are born and bred and where mums and dads spend their time. Interact with the adults and see grandparents and other family members. 

We are home breeders and all our girls and boys are our pets who live in our home with us.

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 Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless they have owned a dog 



Which breed is right for you?

Both Pugs and Chihuahuas have their own characteristics and attributes and each one in turn has a different character of its own too.  Every breed is unique, so take the time to decide which best suits you and your lifestyle.



These loving dogs were originally bred in China, and brought to Europe in the 15th century. They have a distinguished history and are often featured in classical paintings. Pugs are known for their distinct facial expression and their sturdy, vivacious nature. They are determined but seldom aggressive, and are especially suitable for children as they thrive on human company.

Why choose a Pug?

  • Mischievous, loving, stubborn, playful, and attentive
  • Ideal lap dogs which thrive with families
  • Adult weight ranges from 6.3kg +
  • At least 1hr of exercise per day
  • A lot of dog in a small space
  • Average life span 10years +
  • Toy Group
  • Good with children

Pugs For Sale

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These charming dogs were first found in Mexico, where it is thought they had become established after cross-breeding between native North American dogs and imported small Spanish breeds. They are available in almost any colour, and are a feisty breed, whose temperament is easily manageable due to their diminutive size. With Moonathena, you can find Chihuahua puppies for sale in Essex.

Why choose a Chihuahua?

  • Charming, graceful and sassy
  • Perfect for a first time dog owner
  • Adult weight ranges from 1.8kg + 
  • Minimal exercise required, ideal for flats and apartments
  • Huge personality in a tiny body
  • Average life span 12 years +
  • Toy Group
  • Good with children if well socialised from a young age

Chihuahuas For Sale 



Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Pug/Chihuahua puppies?

The price for any puppy varies for each litter. No litter is ever the same price. Once the puppies are here and around 2 weeks of age I will start to do a price comparison of the market. I will look at other licensed breeders who offer the same service as I do, and find where I fit in the market. This is how I decide on a price.

Returning customers will always receive a discount for coming back.

When can puppies leave?

Puppies will have their first vaccinations at 8 weeks, after this I generally wait 3/4 days to ensure no adverse reactions. Sometimes it can all be a bit much with others things like worming and microchipping.  Chihuahua babies, a runt or extra small baby may stay up till 10/12 weeks, should they stay to week 12 they will have their second vaccination and would leave 3/4 days after this.

Do you have any retired dogs?

I have approximately 1-3 retired dogs each year. Some dogs may have just 1 litter and still be young around 2/3 years. Others may have been very successful and be around 5/7 years.

I often keep back my own dogs when another is retiring, these dogs are often around 12 months old. However, should this dog not be up to breed standard (for example: nose to long or teeth not correct) then this dog would then be retired before breeding, and spayed or neutered. All retired dogs are spayed or neutered before leaving, at this time any dental work will also be carried out.

All retired pugs will have their nostrils widened while under for spay/neutering. You will receive full medical history, vaccination card and home health records. I don’t give any retired dog away for free. All dogs have a price and being a little older doesn’t make them a cheap buy.

Are puppies Kennel Club registered?

Not all of my girls are Kennel Club registered but most are. The online advert will let you know if the come with KC registration. All puppies come with an export endorsement and breeding endorsement - this means the pedigree can’t be exported or the dog can’t be used to breed from (males and females).

You can still breed your pet but without KC registration.

How much are deposits?

Deposits are usually £250 however depends on the advert and listing at the time. Deposits are always non-refundable unless we pull out of the sale, or otherwise stated in the contract of sale on the day of collection.


You can find Chihuahua and Pug puppies for sale in Essex, right here at Moonathena Puppies

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